For over 40 years, Jonee has used many tools to help people live their best lives - some of them in the material world, and others, from her highly developed psychic abilities. She has advised thousands of clients through out the world and has lectured and taught in the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

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In the final book of The Ariana Series, spiritual beliefs are questioned as Ariana and her friends must face a violent tragedy. They wonder why God would allow such an event to happen. Yet through their shared tragedy, their knowledge of God deepens. Fighting Darkness explores difficult and ultimately inspiring spiritual concepts that address some of life's most difficult questions. 


Passion and Fairy Lore Come Together - Creating A Spellbinding Novel. . .

An accident on a snowy road in the Sierra Nevada Mountains wipes away the memories of a beautiful, mysterious woman. Guilt-stricken that he could cause such pain, even by accident, the man who drove the truck that struck the woman is determined to help. He quickly realizes there is something special about her. She feels his strength and kindness. And despite the fact she knows nothing of her past, or if the man truly is who he says he is, she feels herself unmistakably drawn to her. 

Her life is a mystery, yet her love is timeless. Can it continue once the awful truth is uncovered? Only the faeries know.

Being Psychic is Not A Gift.
Much like all our other senses, it is a survival tool we are all born with. You can reawaken this ability and begin to see and control your life differently. Understanding basic metaphysical concepts and practicing the techniques and exercises in this workbook will increase your understanding of how to work with and hone your own psychic and intuitive abilities.

Raising happy, healthy children is one of the most important things anyone can do. Unfortunately, children don’t come with a how-to manual. There are, however, some unique tools we can use to get a better understanding of what makes our children tick. Through the ancient science of numerology, the Universe has given us a map. This book will help you discover your child’s basic tendencies, needs, and talents. It can also help you understand how to educate and discipline in ways that enhance these tendencies, helping to avoid bringing out the less desirable parts of your child’s innate personality. 

​​Book 1 in a 3-part series, Be the Light is a young-adult fiction book about a group of college students who discover they each have special psychic abilities. Working together to develop their skills, the group must band together to fight The Darkness in order to save our beautiful planet. Spiritual and metaphysical ideas and practices are explored in an easy to grasp yet in-depth manner.

​​Joan L. Scibienski


Book 2 in the Ariana Series continues the story developed by author Joan L. Scibienski. The themes explored in this young adult fiction book are deep, ranging from meditation practices, Spiritual growth of the soul and the need to protect our planet. As the group of college friends grows closer and more powerful, they must face ever growing challenges in this realm and beyond.