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Some marriages end with a bang …
Grace McDonald feels blessed: she has a strong marriage, healthy kids, and satisfying work as a therapist. And she has no idea how easily is can all be lost.

Some marriages end with a whimper…
For Mandy, marrying a hunk like Danny Rivers is a dream come true. So, when Danny treats her badly, she does what millions of women do to keep their families intact… she makes excuses and puts up with it. Until, one day, she reaches out for help.

But in every marriage, without exception, the beginning of the end is a secret…
From Grace crosses genres. It is a psychological thriller, but where characters trump action. At the core is a murder, but more compelling is what happens to an array of relationships --- friendships, families, therapist/client --- in the aftermath. Pitting integrity against DNA and intuition against evidence, Fall From Grace challenges our middle class illusions of control and assumptions about who will stand by us when we're faced with the unthinkable.

In Fall From Grace, Book One of the Grace McDonald series, both Grace and her young, divorced client are tested, culminating in consequences both cataclysmic and bittersweet. Author Susan Kraus introduces readers to a protagonist and ensemble cast that will compel a return visit.

At her very first fraternity party, college freshman Hannah is thrilled with the attentions of Logan, a good-looking senior. They talk and flirt.

And then it all goes very wrong.

Across town, Shelby, a junior, wakes up naked after a date, with no memory of what happened. Therapist Grace McDonald works with both Hannah and Shelby as they try to process their experiences and seek justice. Grace struggles to fully understand college hookup culture and its impact on personal accountability and the legal system. When her drive for truth collides with professional ethics, she goes just a little bit rogue. Insufficient Evidence draws readers into a reality where one word—“Consensual”—or the disclaimer—"It was just a hookup”—undermine all traditional forms of evidence. It’s a page-turning psychological thriller, but even more compelling are the relationships that test the limits of friendship, family, loyalty, and revenge. 

An Innocent Child is Caught Between Fundamentalism and Family...
When therapist and mediator Grace McDonald returns to Kansas after a ten-year hiatus in Alaska to be with her daughter and autistic grandson, she expects a tough adjustment. But what Grace cannot anticipate is being assigned the mediation case from hell.

Not just about parental rights and custody, the case becomes a battle for the heart and soul of a child.Mike is a combat vet who was never told he had a son. Becca is a member of the gay-bashing, funeral-picketing Westboro Baptist Church and what is often labeled the “most hated family in America.”

David, eleven years old, is their son.

Meticulously researched, All God’s Children moves fluidly between verifiable facts and the What if? of fiction. Kraus takes readers behind the closed doors of mediation and locked gates of the Westboro Baptist Church compound. When a brutal assault leaves the community reeling, Grace is pushed to uncover the truth.

More Jodi Picoult than Sue Grafton, All God’s Children challenges readers to find humanity in the most despised of bigots. It explores what happens when beliefs become more precious than the people we love while moving inexorably to an “I-never-saw-it-coming” ending that will leave book groups arguing for weeks.

A therapist for over three decades, a mediator for two. . . and a writer since she held a pencil.

In addition to a well-respected private therapy practice, Susan Kruas has been a successful travel writer, enticing readers with adventures across the globe. By 2014, she had completed her first two novels in the Grace McDonald Series. Flint Hills Publishing is honored to have re-released the first two books in her Grace McDonald Series and to release the third, Insufficient Evidence.