Traci Osborn is the force behind Prairie Dog Press. A talented illustrator, photographer, writer, and editor, Osborn brings powerful creativity and talent to the children's book imprint of Flint Hills Publishing. If you have a children's book you would like to submit for consideration, feel free to contact us. We can help you edit your manuscript, develop illustrations, and design the layout required for a professional looking children's book. 

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What happens when ten perfect monsters count their way to bed? Their Not-so-Snoozy adventure begins! Will these Not-so-Perfect monsters make it back to bed? Who knows? Will two to five year olds have a MONSTROUSLY good time reading this night time adventure? You can COUNT on it!

​When Frog moves to the barnyard, something is not quite right. What is Frog to do when it looks like his new neighbors are playing a prank on him? Why, share a joke of his own, of course! Join Frog as he makes new friends in the barnyard,


A companion coloring book! 

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traci osborn

​Author, Illustrator