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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

FHP President Thea Rademacher will be a Panel Participant at the 2023 Association of Writer & Writing Programs Conference

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2023 AWP Conference & Bookfair

Seattle, Washington, March 8-11 2023

"The AWP Conference & Bookfair is the annual destination for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers of contemporary creative writing. It includes thousands of attendees, hundreds of events and bookfair exhibitors, and four days of essential literary conversation and celebration. The AWP Conference & Bookfair has always been a place of connection, reunion, and joy, and we are excited to see the writing community come together again in Seattle, Washington in 2023."

FHP Feature Article: Topeka Magazine Winter 2021-22

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Learn what inspired FHP President Thea Rademacher to start her publishing company. And check out the travel article by FHP author Susan Kraus!

FHP President Thea Rademacher puts her law degree to use, advising authors on a variety of topics:

  • Review of publishing contracts.

  • The best ways to protect your intellectual property.

  • How to distribute to the widest possible audience.

  • Business & tax issues for authors.

  • Estate planning issues for authors. 

  • "Insider information" about royalty arrangements.

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