Author, Artist, Advocate

Bonnie J. Gibson has worn many different career hats: mother, wife, asset manager, corporate real estate administrator for a Fortune 500 company, and now author and illustrator. In helping her beautiful daughter, Taylor, navigate the unique world of her adulthood with Down Syndrome complicated by cardiac conditions, Bonnie has found ways to share her voice and mission through writing and painting. Deeply inspired by loved ones and nature, Bonnie enjoys family time and outdoor adventures with her husband Jeff. 

No Matter Our Differences, God Loves Us All

   Momma Fox and her two young cubs, Meadow and Brush, have so much fun living in Fox Hollow. And just like all the different colors and shapes of the flowers and trees in the Hollow, there are differences in the animals that live there as well.

   But those differences don’t matter. What matters is knowing that you are free to be yourself, to live your own life in the way that best works for you. And that makes Momma Fox and her cubs very happy.