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Josephine Defalco

  • The Best Little Bread Book

    • This book takes the mystery out of creating a perfect loaf of homemade bread. With recipes developed in the author's kitchen, you'll discover how easy it is to make delicious bread, free of unhealthy, processed ingredients.

  • The Best Little Herb Book

    • This book takes new and old gardeners both down the path to growing, processing, and utilizing fresh organic herbs. Includes easy, step-by-step instructions that promise to produce delicious meals with your home-grown herbs.


Children's Stories

Jacki Allenbrand

  • Four-Legged Farm Dog: A P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA Tale

    • Based on a true story, this heart-warming tale describes Buddy the Border Collie’s journey from a wandering stray to a highly-trained helper. Discover how patience, kindness, and a can-do attitude bring this very special dog to his very special forever home.

Geri Bachman

  • Rosie the Bug Zapper

    • In this adorably illustrated book, children and parents can share in a loving, positive way, how to wash our hands and keep our fingers away from our "tunnels," our nose, mouth, eyes, and ears.

Yanfei Gao

  • ABCDinosaur

    • Dinosaurs came in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They lived all over the world, ate different things, and had different life styles. But all dinosaurs have one thing in common—they are fun to learn about!

  • Roar!

    • A fun book full of dinosaurs you can color! With 27 original, detailed illustrations and 10 design-your-own background dinosaur pictures,

Bonnie Gibson

  • Tales of Two Cubs - Book 1 of the Fox Hollow Series

    • Momma Fox and her two young cubs, Meadow and Brush, have so much fun living in Fox Hollow. And just like all the different colors and shapes of the flowers and trees in the Hollow, there are differences in the animals that live there as well

  • Tales of the Lake – Book 2 of the Fox Hollow Series

    • With winter around the corner, the trees and plants starts to behave differently. The animals change their behaviors too. 

  • Tales of Friendship – Book 3 of the Fox Hollow Series

    • With the coming of spring, the trees and plants have unveiled many different shapes and colors. The hibernating animals are waking up and are ready to play, though some of them have special challenges that might seem to make their lives a little harder. 

  • Tales of Kindness – Book 4 of the Fox Hollow Series

    • One particularly breezy day, the cubs and their friends face new adventures learning about kindness. Not all adventures are easy to navigate, and just like the ever-changing wind, the animals find that they can sometimes react to change differently.

  • Tales of Bravery – Book 5 of the Fox Hollow Series

    • One stormy day, the cubs learn about Momma Fox’s journey to the Hollow. Not all storms are mild, some can become very dangerous. In this Fox Hollow story, the cubs learn just how many difficulties Momma Fox has faced, and that challenges can be overcome

  • Tales of Thunder– Book 6 of the Fox Hollow Series

    • Learning about differences and how we each have our own unique challenges, helps the cubs learn to appreciate and love others who may navigate the world in a unique way. 

Garry Gonce

  • The Magic Bear Book 1 of The Princess Raven Series

    • Life in Princess Raven’s kingdom was wonderful. She shared a deep love with her family and friends. She had a beautiful home, in a castle, of course! And she spent many hours playing outdoors with her beloved horse and other woodland friends. But as the princess was soon to learn, life often presents unexpected challenges.

  • The Dragon That Couldn’t Fly – Book 2 of The Princess Raven Series

    • Understanding the power of friendship, Princess Raven and her friends set out to help others in need. And who would think a big, strong dragon would need their help? Like Princess Raven, Brian the Dragon has faced adversity in his young life.

  • The Alligator That Couldn’t See – Book 3 of The Princess Raven Series

    • When Princess Raven and her friends meet a lonely, little, blind alligator, they are upset to learn he is being bullied by his big, mean, angry cousin. Princess Raven is not happy with the mean cousin's behavior and is determined to teach him how to release his anger and replace it with kindness and love. 

Sharon Lenio

  • Scaredy  Book 1 of the Adventures in Lusair

    • Eight-year old Rudy must learn to conquer his fears and find his power. The life of his best friend and the fate of this strange new world depends on it. Rudy is afraid of everything, and to top it off, two bullies like to chase him home from school


  • Wandering Ears  Book 2 of the Adventures in Lusair

    • Headstrong Josey finds herself transported to Lusair, and with Rudy & her other friends, aids the elmort princess to rescue the queen.


  • Tame that Flame  Book 3 of the Adventures in Lusair

    • Billy must learn to rid himself of anger...the very existance of Lusair depends on it!

Rod Martinez

  • Grandma Luther King

    • While riding on a city bus with his African American grandmother, a young boy is intrigued by a building he sees outside the window. She shares an important story about her past he never expected to hear.

Traci Osborn

  • Ten Not So Snoozing Monsters: A Bedtime Counting Adventure

    • What happens when ten perfect monsters count their way to bed? Their not-so-snoozy adventure begins! Will these not-so-perfect monsters make it back to bed? Who knows? Will 2-5 year-olds have a monstrously good time reading this nighttime adventure? You can count on it!

  • Frog Goes. . .A Barnyard Prank

    • When Frog moves to the barnyard, something is not quite right. What is Frog to do when it looks like his new neighbors are playing a prank on him? Why, share a joke of his own, of course! Join Frog as he makes new friends in the barnyard.

  • Frog Goes. . . A Barnyard Coloring Book

    • A children’s coloring book inspired by Frog Goes…A Barnyard Coloring Book

Joyce Pejakovich

  • Frances the Angel Dog

    • A retired, married couple, living on the Caribbean Island of Belize, rescues an injured Mayan dog. Meme instantly believes God has given them the responsibility to care for the dog she names Frances the Angel Dog. Papa, her husband, agrees, even though they are very busy with their mission of building a school for the local children. As Frances the Angel dog grows strong from the care and love of her new family, the dog discovers she has powers that reach far beyond healing her injured leg.

  • The Strawberry Festival

    • Book 1 of the Fables from the Farm Series, a collection inspired by the stories told to the author by her father when she was a little girl growing up on a rural Kansas farm in the 1940s and ‘50s.  Each chapter concludes with several questions for parents or grandparents to ask their little listeners. At the end of the book are recipes generously shared by the farmyard cooks that promise to be a sweet activity adults and children can do together.

Jennifer Spence

  • Cosmic Lullaby

    • An enchanting night-time tale accompanied by a soothing yoga practice for children and their loved ones. This lyrical book is designed to prepare the body, mind, and spirit for deep relaxation. With original, whimsical watercolor illustrations, let the poetic words take you on a lovely journey.

Children's Stories

Historical Non-fiction

Clyde W. Toland

  • American Hero, Kansas Heritage Frederick Funston’s Early Years 1865-1890

    • A superbly written account of ‘Fearless Fred’ Funston’s formative years in rural Kansas, which molded the individual who would go on to command forces in the Philippines, earn a Medal of Honor, and ultimately command in 1917 the largest US Army since the Civil War.

  • Heat and Ice, Frederick Funston's Exploration of Death Valley, Alaska, and the British Northwest Territory 1891-1894

    • A meticulously researched account of Frederick Funston's exploring spirit that took him where few dared to go; rising from the Kansas prairies to the intense heat of Death Valley to the Chilkoot Pass in in Alaska.

  • "Yankee Hero," Frederick Funston, Expedicionairo in the Cuban Liberation Army 1896-1897

    • Bringing to a close the early adventurous life of the future national hero, this final volume is set in Cuba during its war with Spain, following volunteer Funston as he fights for Cuban independence in multiple roles as a member of the artillery, infantry, and cavalry. 



Richard Balaban

  • Poppa Sol and Me: A Family Alzheimer's Story

    • This is a story of a father lost to Alzheimer’s. It is a story of a son’s transformation from grief to growth in his on-going effort to have a meaningful relationship with his father. The sadness at the loss of this man includes poignant and funny moments when his sweetness unexpectedly emerged.

Reyna Bradford

  • In My Hands: Stories of the Land and Animals I Love But Can't See

    • Blind since the age of 15 months, Reyna Bradford homesteads her own hobby farm on the Flint Hills of Kansas. This personal story shares her unique perspective on human connections with animals, the land, and life. 

    • Study Guide - In My Hands (*by Emil Cicogna) -- A useful teaching tool, the study guide goes through individual chapters and includes objectives, student research prompts, characterizations, themes, key vocabulary words, and critical thinking questions.

Nancy Britt

  • Seven Days in the Mists - A Memoir

    • " Ireland-centric, historical, and literary foray into Britt's brief but brilliantly life-changing, brave, and lonely quest...a tale of the often-unseen energetic forces that dance within us and draw us closer." J. Dylan Yares, Award winning author of THE BELIEF IN Angels. 

Marcia Cebulska

  • Lovers, Dreamers, & Thieves - My people, Chicago, and the Polish bakery where I grew up

    • "With a novelist's eye for detail and a poet's gift for language, Cebulska has written a visceral knockout of a memoir packed with vibrant, unforgettable family members and unexpected happenings." Harriet Lerner, NYTs Best Selling Author of The Dance of Anger

Royce Fulmer with Thea Rademacher

  • A Drop in the Night: The Life & Secret Mission of a WWII Airman

    • Based on extensive original research and interviews with World War II Liberator Flight Engineer, Royce Fulmer, A Drop in the Night chronicles Fulmer's involvement in Operation Carpetbagger, a secret mission designed to drop spies and supplies to help Resistance fighters deep inside Nazi-occupied territory.

Molly Krause

  • Float On

    • Growing up in Topeka, Kansas in the 1970s, Molly Krause and her family experienced challenges different from the traditional stereotypes of America's Heartland. Krause shares her complex early life with two sisters - one biological, the other an adopted African American baby. A mother left to raise three young girls when the father revealed he was gay. Struggles in the family with mental illness and substance abuse. A dance talent that was nurtured. A family separated by divorce and distance but brought together by a deadly disease. And through it all, humor, dedication to each other, and a deep love, free from judgment. 


Mike Matson

  • Courtesy Boy: A True Story of Addiction

    • This personal reflection captures the behaviors that lead to addiction, long before the destruction begins. The stories and episodes of Matson’s young adulthood are a how-to primer for addiction/alcoholism including the paranoia and impulsiveness obsession, manipulation, compulsion, false pride, fear, and dishonesty, all driven by self-centered thinking

Kate Seidman

  • The Widow Road Map 

    • A heartfelt exploration of the loss of a beloved spouse, the author shares her painful yet ultimately triumphant journey. Full of original illustrations by the author, a professional artist and educator, this uplifting book will bring love and light to those who are grieving the loss of a partner. 

Deborah Shouse

  • Letters from the Ungrateful Dead A Grieving Mom’s Surprising Correspondence

    • How does a mom cope with the unspeakable grief of her child’s death?  Deborah Shouse never thought she would have to answer that question.  This is a vibrant post-death correspondence between a grieving mother and her dead daughter.

  • Like What You Do: The Memoirs of Dr. Walt Menninger

    • A life reivew of Dr. Walt Menninger, the third generation of the Menninger family, which has run the Menninger Foundation since 1925.



Marcia Cebulska

  • Watching Men Dance

    • This story is a feast for the senses, a celebration of cultural diversity, and a compelling read, both humorous and moving. She is a wanderer; he will not fly. She is a city girl; he prefers a bison ranch. She grew up in her father’s Greek restaurant; he dances at powwows.

Emil Cicogna

  • All 4 One

    • Four old women attend church one evening and make a wish to be young once more: twenty-one years old for twenty-four hours. When their wish is granted, they set out to have more than just another party—they embark on a twenty-four-hour odyssey to find redemption from haunting memories.

  • Going Long 

    • The year is 1980 and Henry Spivack hatches a plot to manipulate the Gold Market, coercing a group of brokers and several people in his own company to carry out his illegal plan of buying big, then selling all out. 

Josephine DeFalco

  • The Nightbird’s Song (Historical Fiction)

    • Brenna McEvoy finds herself a widowed mother of three young children, and despite her privileged upbringing, must somehow find a way to survive and make a living for her family. Brenna's only asset is her charming Victorian home which she transforms into a boarding house for local miners. Soon, her struggle of day-to-day living forces her to open her eyes to the suffering and bigotry surrounding the working class.

Elizabeth Farnsworth

  • Last Light

    • Last Light, follows a young woman, Isabelle Graham, from Vienna to Topeka to Nuremberg, telling a World War II story unlike any others. It is at once a coming-of-age tale, a morality tale, and a dark fairy tale

Molly Krause

  • Joy Again

    • It’s been a year since the unexpected death of Joyce Becker’s beloved husband Andy, and she outwardly appears to have moved on. With the help of her sister Maggie, Joyce continues to run the restaurant she and Andy opened decades earlier. But keeping the secret of the details of his death is taking a toll on her relationship with her sister and especially with her daughter Cassie. When Cassie announces her engagement to her boyfriend Jacob, a series of unforeseen events unfold. 

Susan Kraus

  • Fall From Grace - Book 1 of The Grace McDonald Series

    • A psychological thriller where characters trump action. At the core is a murder, but more compelling is what happens to an array of relationships - friendships, families, therapist/client - in the aftermath. Pitting integrity against DNA and intuition against evidence. Grace McDonald feels blessed; she has a strong marriage, healthy kids, and satisfying work as a therapist. And she has no idea how easily it can all be lost.

  • All God’s Children - Book 2 of The Grace McDonald Series

    • When therapist and mediator, Grace McDonald, returns to Kansas after a ten-year hiatus in Alaska to be with her daughter and autistic grandson, she expects a tough adjustment. But what Grace cannot anticipate is being assigned the mediation case from hell. Not just about parental rights and custody, the case becomes a battle for the heart and soul of a child. 

  • Insufficient Evidence - Book 3 of The Grace McDonald Series

    • At her very first fraternity party, college freshman Hannah is thrilled with the attentions of Logan, a good-looking senior. They talk and flirt.  Then it all goes very wrong. Across town, Shelby, a junior, wakes up naked after a date, with no memory of what happened. therapist Grace McDonald works with both Hannah and Shelby as they try to process their experiences and seek justice

  • When We Lost Touch - Book 4 of The Grace McDonald Series 

    • Contemporary historical fiction set during the first 18 months of a deadly pandemic. Ordinary people lose touch with friends, family, reality, and truth as they're caught in a war zone where most of the casualties are taken down by friendly fire. Kraus expertly weaves stories that portray life during a pandemic, providing a gripping, nuanced look at political, social, and medical challenges.

Sumitra Menon

  • The Last Days of Cassandra Lee

    • When Cassandra Lee's handsome physicist husband disappears one autumn day, none of her attempts at normality work very well. A year later she is still unable to focus, still trying to escape the painful reality of her new life. A secret, accidentally revealed, changes Cassandra's life in ways she could never imagine, as reality intersects with the seemingly impossible.

Bill Sampson

  • Wheat Fields

    • An alluring story of unexpected love and clashing cultures set in America’s rural heartland, Lawrence, Kansas, home of Kansas University and its celebrated NCAA Champion Jayhawk basketball team. 

Joan L. Scibienski

  • Be The Light – Book 1 of The Ariana Series

    • For as long as she can remember, Ariana Abrams has felt the presence of loving spirits around her. Invisible to everyone else, she hears their thoughts and feels their love. They are her teachers, friends, and protectors who kept her alive during an abusive childhood. Deciding to put distance between herself and her violent family, Ariana moves to the desert of Arizona to attend college. Determined to heal the wounds of her childhood, she seeks help from a counselor at her new university. Taking her counselor’s advice, she joins a therapy group full of people her own age. There she discovers seven new friends who will give her the love and companionship she has never known. This is no ordinary group of teenagers

  • Becoming The Light – Book 2 of The Ariana Series

    • It’s hard enough relocating and starting a new life but finding out you’re an alien tasked with saving the world is almost too much for Ariana. But with the help of her seven unique friends and the amazing abilities they are developing, she is convinced they might have a shot at it. What Ariana hadn’t imagined were the difficult roads they will each travel and how these experiences will affect the group. Together they have a chance, but if any one of them falters and gives into the Darkness, not only will they be destroyed, but possibly the entire planet.

  • Fighting Darkness – Book 3 of The Ariana Series

    • The young adults in Fighting Darkness are able to use their intuitive gifts along with newly acquired skills that allow them to surrender, accept, support, and love not only one another but others who are involved in the dramas of life that pop up along life's journey. Readers will be challenged to test their own beliefs as compared to the awareness being offered by these young adults whose main message is about moving from FEAR to LOVE in all things.  

  • The Ariana Series *Compilation of the Arianna Series!

    • The convenience of all 3 books in 1. Plus, an updated epilogue from the author.

  • A Faery's Tale: Beyond the Realms of Light

    • Passion and fairy lore come together, creating a spellbinding novel… An accident on a snowy road in the Sierra Nevada Mountains wipes away the memories of a beautiful, mysterious woman. Guilt-stricken that he could cause such pain, even by accident, the man who drove the truck that struck the woman is determined to help. He quickly realizes there is something special about her. She feels his strength and kindness. And despite the fact she knows nothing of her past, or if the man truly is who he says he is, she feels herself unmistakably drawn to him. 

  • A Faery's Tale: Into the Realms of Darkness

    • Magical abilities are revealed as truths become known… Theresa thought she had the perfect life - a loving husband, a healthy, precocious daughter, a beautiful home in her beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains. And now, a new baby on the way. A boy. But from the start, her daughter eerily insisted the developing baby was "evil." When Theresa is forced by a new friend to remember the truth of her past, she must confront all the hidden memories which will forever change the future of her family.


Steven Turk

  • Bound by Blood – Book 1 in the Blood Begotten Series

    • An urban horror tale where the world of magic and the nocturnal coexist with the mortal world in ways known only to a few. When Nathan fights against his unwillingly imposed supernatural powers, secrets are revealed with devastating consequences.


Novels for Young Adults

Emil Cicogna

  • A Sign of the Times - Book 1, A Sign of the Times Trilogy

    • Newly arrived schoolteacher, Leanna Pallas, is committed to bringing education to a rural Pennsylvania town in 1885. Not everyone living there values education as much as Miss Pallas. The Collier family have been blacksmiths for generations. Now they must decide if they should send their teenage son Joshua to school or train him to work in the family business.

    • Study Guide - A Sign of the Times: A useful teaching tool that goes through individual chapters and include: a list of objectives, suggestions for historical curriculum, lesson prompts, student research prompts, characterizations, themes, key vocabulary words, and critical thinking questions.

  • Rachel - Book 2, A Sign of the Times Trilogy

    • The continuing story of the Collier family, moving into the 20th Century with the inclusion of the telephone and the automobile becoming part of their daily lives. In this sequel to A Sign of the Times, the lesson of teaching history through literature helps students relive the years leading up to World War I.

    • Study Guide - Rachel: A tool for educators that provides objective, historical curriculum, vocabulary, language arts connections, follow-up discussion questions, critical thinking questions, and extended learning suggestions for each chapter.

  • The Hammer and the Anvil - Book 3, A Sign of the Times Trilogy

    • The climactic conclusion to the A Sign of the Times Trilogy where historical events concerning Prohibition, women gaining the right to vote, and the Roaring Twenties are woven with the continuing story of the Collier and Standlin families who realize their very survival is threatened when unscrupulous industrialists and corrupt politicians try to buy the Mercerville News - by any means possible.

    • Study Guide - The Hammer and the Anvil: A tool for educators that provides objective, historical curriculum, vocabulary, language arts connections, follow-up discussion questions, critical thinking questions, and extended learning suggestions for each chapter. 

Whitney Estenson

  • House of Aries  – Book 1 of The Ascendent Series

    • Kyndal Davenport has suffered terrible tragedy. As the sole survivor of a car crash that claimed her entire family, she must now live with an aunt she has never met in a small town she has never been to. When she receives the rare attention of the alluring but inscrutable Roman Sands, Kyndal must determine what his true intentions are. But the everyday pains of adjusting to her new life are put aside when Kyndal wakes from strange dreams, finding her sheets on fire and her skin unburned.

  • House of Taurus – Book 2 of The Ascendent Series

    • Kyndall will put her growing powers to the test to save the man bound to her by fate. To succeed, she must learn difficult truths about her own history, as well as the ancient and hidden secrets of the Kindred. Even as Kyndal's power grows, she discovers that it will take more than fire to defeat her shadowy foes.

  • House of Libra – Book 3 of The Ascendent Series

    • The new Guard must forgive past grievances and learn to trust each other, understanding that only through their combined power can they save their people from assured destruction. Yet despite their new-found abilities, sacrifices will have to be made if they are going to defeat their greatest enemy.

  • House of Scorpio – Book 4 of The Ascendent Series

    • Old enemies are forced to unite, new strengths are uncovered, and allegiances are tested as the Kindred fight for their lives and those of the innocents they are sworn to protect. As they head into war, the Kindred are forced to choose; obey the chain of command or defy the very foundation of their traditions


Self-help / How To / Journaling

Reyna Bradford

  • How to Train Your Best Friend: 20 Things Every Owner Should Do to Raise A Dog Right

    • In this informative and easy-to-follow book, Reyna Bradford, a life-long dog lover who has trained multiple breeds in a variety of canine sports, shares 20 Things Every Owner Should Do to Raise a Dog Right. 

Marcia Cebulska

  • Skywriting - a journaling guide to help you soar! 

    • A perfect jumping-off point for anyone interested in fun and insightfully guided self-discovery. Tell your phone to take a hike! Get ready to journal your way to more joy, creativity, and healing than you can begin to imagine.

Kristin Heslop

  • Sex Isn’t the Only Way to Have an Orgasm – 25 Ways to Lose Weight Through Pleasure

    • A unique and uplifting book that invites those who struggle with issues surrounding eating, body image, dread of exercise, and self-love, to explore the keys to success the author discovered in her own very personal journey. This book is a catalyst to help you shed negative thoughts and emotions, on one’s path to long lasting health in both body and mind.

  • Journal - Sex Isn’t the Only Way to Have an Orgasm

    • A journal to accompany Sex Isn’t the Only Way to Have an Orgasm: 25 Ways to Lose Weight Through Pleasure

Colleen Mallette

  • The Next Act: A Handbook for Graduating - From Life Arts of Life

    • Mallette, a professional singer for over 40 years, shares her passion, wisdom, and practical advice for young people entering a career in the arts. “If you’re a working artist, or trying to become one, keep this book in your pocket,” says Katherine Catmull, author and award-winning stage actor.

Lynn Murphy

  • Women Who Push the Limits Presents: 7 Keys to Improving Your Customer Service

    • With illustrative stories, this book provides quick and easy reminders of fundamental customer service principles. A highly experienced customer service expert and coach, Lynn W. Murphy shares what she’s learned over many decades as a successful entrepreneur.

  • Women Who Push the Limits Presents: 50 Life Lessons from Inspiring Women​

    • After conducting 50 in-depth interviews with inspiring women from many different walks of life, Lynn W. Murphy, founder of Women Who Push the Limits, shares up-lifting messages from each of these amazing women. 

Thea Rademacher

  • Authors Beware: Arm Yourself with Knowledge to Help Avoid Legal Pitfalls

    • Full of highly relevant legal information related to writing and publishing, and written by a publisher with a law degree and plenty of messy publishing stories to share, AUTHORS BEWARE! explains what authors should do to protect their work, themselves, and imparts important publishing insider information.

Joan L. Scibienski

  • You Were Born Psychic: Unlocking Your Abilities to Live Your Best LIfe

    • Being psychic is not a gift. Much like all our other senses, it is a survival tool we are all born with. You can reawaken this ability and begin to see and control your life differently. Understanding basic metaphysical concepts and practicing the techniques and exercises in this workbook will increase your understanding of how to work with and hone your own psychic and intuitive abilities.

  • Raising Happy Children: Using Numerology to Become a Better Parent

    • There are some unique tools we can use to get a better understanding of what makes our children tick. Through the ancient science of numerology, the Universe has given us a map. This book will help you discover your child’s basic tendencies, needs, and talents. It can also help you understand how to educate and discipline in ways that enhance these tendencies, helping to avoid bringing out the less desirable parts of your child’s innate personality.


Short Stories


 Patrick Donahue

  • Trajectories 

    • The characters in these stories, more like short movies without a screen, carry out the trajectories of their own lives in their own universe, in their own way, as they see it.

Paul Fredrickson

  • Formaldehyde

    • A collection of five short stories. Each piece represents the nausea of grief or insecurity, the isolating emotions that evolve from life’s turning points. Blending surrealism with the real, the extraordinary with the ordinary, these stories show how alienation can make someone feel dead in life. But they highlight the importance of preservation, that beauty sprouts from the broken things. All five stories portray the significance of life in the face of death.


Plays & Poetry

Marcia Cebulska

  • Now Le Me Fly  (Play)

    • Now Let Me Fly is a theatrical triumph echoing the authentic voices of the individuals whose courage led to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education.


Timothy Pettet

  • Accidental Dancer  (Poetry)

    • A captivating collection of 34 poems, the sounds and language in Accidental Dancer collide in a whirlwind of memories… a bird, a flower, or a game of baseball and more, are sparks to beautiful insight. In his debut poetry book, Pettet "…weaves his shamanic web of image and sound, calling forth verse like read him is a delight," states Kevin Rabas, 2018 Kansas Poet Laureate.


We're dedicated to the creation of excellent books that excite and encourage people to read! 

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