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Author, Performer, Educator

Colleen Mallette has charmed audiences across the U.S. and abroad. After years of serious studies and numerous performances in opera and oratorio, Colleen discovered her funny bone with her one-woman recital spoof, "The Lamaze School of Singing Presents: How to Birth a Song!"


A member of the TCU voice faculty, College of Fine Arts, she now shares her substantial knowledge from her years of being a professional performer in her book, The Next Act.  

A Practical Handbook to Joyfully Guide a Performer’s Life…
“If you’re a working artist, or trying to become one, keep this book in your pocket.” Katherine Catmull, author, award-winning stage actor, video voice actor, published playwright.

A professional singer for over 40 years, Collen Hughes Mallette shares her passion, wisdom, and practical advice for young people entering a career in the arts. A gifted teacher, her words both inspire and set you straight about what it takes to be a successful performer. In addition, Ms. Mallette has created a series of exercises with room for you to journal that will open your mind and heart to truly discovering your path.

Prayers and Blessings from the Crooked Halo. 
An inspiring and comforting collection of prayers and meditations from Colleen Mallette. 

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