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Writing Critique

Are you wondering if your writing is on the right track? Are you wanting an assessment of what you’ve written so far while drafting your manuscript? An early editing review of your some of your manuscript pages can save a lot of time and effort, while helping you create your best work.

For a set fee, Flint Hills Publishing will assess your writing and provide overall feedback for up to 15 pages. We will critique your draft pages for structural problems such as weak narrative and descriptions, timeline and setting problems, inconsistencies, questionable references and passages, nonsensical characterization, sentence development, punctuation issues, and more.

Cost ... $75 for up to 15 pages

        *Please inquire before sending.

Editing Services


Todd Fertig

Todd is a communications specialist and freelance writer in Topeka. He has worked for numerous media outlets and state agencies. He has published four books: The Missionaries Daughter, Humble Beginnings, Legacy, and co-authored Like What You Do: The Memoirs of Dr. Walt Menninger.


Todd majored in journalism and English at Kansas State University, then gained certification to teach those subjects. He loves studying the writing process and enjoys helping others improve their projects.   

Andy Fredrickson, Flint Hills Publishing editor.jpg

Andy Fredrickson


Andy is a Topeka, Kansas native and a graduate of Washburn University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2019. A life-long bibliophile and lover of all things detail-oriented, he is ready to stare at your document for hours on end until things look perfect.


Andy specializes in speculative fiction - anything from sci-fi, fantasy, or magical realism - but he is well-read across many genres and styles. One tip he has for prospective authors: "Don't overwrite! At both the micro and macro level, it's often best to keep things clear and tight."

Paul Fredrickson Flint Hills Publishing Editor_edited.jpg

Paul Fredrickson


Paul grew up in Topeka and now lives in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Lewis and Clark College with an English degree. His short stories are published in the Lewis and Clark Literary Review and Flint Hills Publishing. In 2022, he received the Fiction Prize for graduating seniors at Lewis and Clark.


In his writing he focuses on the intersection of history, anthropology, ecology, and myths. As an editor he helps enliven the stories of others without getting overly involved or controlling of their voices. The story is already there.

Greg German 5a 300px.jpg

Greg German

Greg has been a writing coach for novice, developing, and established professionals for over 35 years.  Besides providing critique and editing expertise for FHP, Greg is the in-house website developer for many of our authors. The owner of a consulting and website development business,, his skills also include desk-top publishing, multimedia coordination, photography, video and PowerPoint production, clip-art creation and more. 


Greg holds degrees in English and Education from Kansas State University and his writing has been published in numerous literary publications nationwide. On a personal note, he is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and traveling.

Mindi L_edited.jpg

Mindi Getz


Mindi grew up in the northwestern corner of Kansas -- a self-proclaimed landlocked sea lover. She travels as often as possible with her favorite sidekick and smoothie-loving daughter, Eden.  Mindi studied photojournalism in college before turning to fine art.  


All along the way, she gathered a collection of certifications in various healing modalities. Book editing fell in her lap to fill gaps in her own creative expression and budget when her daughter was a toddler. If she is not helping someone rewrite their story of health, you'll find her reading something non-fiction, like sourdough recipes or quantum physics. 

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