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About Flint Hills Publishing

Since its inception in 2015, Flint Hills Publishing been dedicated to creating books with messages that uplift, educate, inspire, and entertain.

We understand the amount of intellectual and creative energy it takes to write a book. We work to honor those efforts through our commitment to ethical treatment of those we work with. We strive to be clear about what we will provide, communicate in a timely manner, adhere to deadlines, and listen while giving guidance.

Flint Hills Publishing is a highly-selective hybrid press. We review submissions carefully, looking for work that fits our mission. We also want to make sure we can provide the type of publishing service a particular project needs.

The financial arrangement for each project is individually tailored, based on a number of factors. There is an upfront investment for us to publish your book. Each author’s project is unique. What FHP will provide is spelled out contractually for each project.

Clear communication between publisher and author is a core principle of our press. FHP founder and president Thea Rademacher, a former social justice attorney, has no patience for the mistreatment of creative people and strives to make the working relationship one that uplifts and empowers.

Because lifting the vibe of world is what Flint Hills Publishing is all about.

Author Submissions

If you have a project you would like us to consider for publication, send us an email with the following  information:

  • 100 word or less bio;

  • one paragraph synopsis;

  • the entire work attached as a Word document. 

For submissions Email: