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About Flint Hills Publishing

Since its inception in 2015 by founder and president Thea Rademacher, JD, Flint Hills Publishing (FHP), has been dedicated to creating books with messages that uplift, educate, inspire, and entertain. A former social justice attorney, Rademacher has no patience for the mistreatment of creative people and strives to make the working relationship one that uplifts and empowers.

FHP understands the amount of intellectual and creative energy it takes to write a book. Our staff works to honor those efforts through our commitment to ethical treatment of those we work with. We strive to be clear about what we will provide, communicate in a timely manner, adhere to deadlines, and listen while giving guidance.

A highly selective hybrid press, Flint Hills Publishing reviews submissions carefully, looking for work that fits our mission. We also want to make sure we can provide the type of publishing service a particular project requires.

We recognize that each author’s project is unique. Consequently, a financial arrangement for each project is individually tailored, based on several elements that we discuss with our clients. As there is an upfront investment for us to publish your book, we contractually clarify our agreement and obligations, not only for FHP but also each author and their project.

Clear communication between publisher and author is a core principle of our press. Because lifting the vibe of the world is what Flint Hills Publishing is all about.

About Our Business Team:

Thea Rademacher, JD 

President, Flint Hills Publishing

Topeka Magazine cover featuring Flint Hill Publishing president, Thea Rademacher.jpg

FHP Feature Article: Topeka Magazine Winter 2021-22

Learn what inspired FHP President Thea Rademacher to start her publishing company. 

Steve Fredrickson, CPA

Chief Financial Officer


Steve Fredrickson is our awesome Chief Financial Officer. He has been with Flint Hills Publishing from the beginning. He is a CPA with nearly forty years of experience, starting his career at Ernst and Young in Minneapolis, Minnesota and subsequently KPMG in Kansas City, Missouri, two of the largest accounting firms in the world. He left public accounting in the 1990s to become the Chief Financial Officer of a statewide legal aid organization and a national service provider to organizations in the health care industry. Also, he is madly in love with the Flint Hills Publishing founder and president. When he’s not crunching numbers, he plays guitar and bass and secretly wants to be a rock star.

Sandra Gore

Marketing Director

cropped headshot sandra final.jpg

Sandra Gore is truly a Kansas girl. Born in Emporia and currently residing in Lawrence Kansas, you can find her outside exploring the natural world, or at her desk, exploring the vibrant world of expression through digital media. 

An architect of ideas, assembled through content creation. Specializing in video outreach, follower communication, and brand-building through media. As a social butterfly that grew up on the web, these things come naturally to her. There is no shortage of energy once Sandra has a vision for creative pursuits. Sharing that vision with others is the heart of what she does. Sandra wants to connect you to the online community of your choosing. With an experienced understanding of social platforms, she can guide you to an engaging collection of supporters, no matter your level of tech-proficiency! 

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