Author Consultation

A former social justice lawyer, Flint Hills Publishing founder and president Thea Rademacher, JD, is available to help authors avoid predatory situations and to answer your questions. Send her an email at to schedule an appointment and fee schedule. 

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EBOOK: Authors Beware!

               "If you write, GET THIS BOOK!"

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               "This book is clear and easy to understand. I love her touches of humor..."

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              "...a great primer for starting my research on copyright and defamation issues as they pertain to the publishing world...Many of these books and articles about copyright and trademark issues will put you to sleep, but this one did the opposite. Great book!"

              "Succinct and insightful...a well-written booklet which translates the legalese of the publishing world into clear language for the rest of us."

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Ebook - $2.99

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