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Author, Princess Raven's Papa

The Princess Raven Series by Garry Gonce is written in honor of his granddaughter who is winning the fight with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a young girl who shows the world how to tackle challenges by her inner-strength, joy, and even curiosity. These books are designed to help other children facing similar challenges and include drawings that children may use their powerful imaginations to color. 

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Life in Princess Raven’s kingdom was wonderful. She shared a deep love with her family and friends. She had a beautiful home, in a castle, of course! And she spent many hours playing outdoors with her beloved horse and other woodland friends. But as the princess was soon to learn, life often presents unexpected challenges.


Understanding the power of friendship, Princess Raven and her friends set out to help others in need. And who would think a big, strong dragon would need their help? Like Princess Raven, Brian the Dragon has faced adversity in his young life. Until he met Raven and her friends, he was sad and lonely and afraid. With the love and encouragement of the princess, Brian can become who he truly is meant to be!

Princess Raven Proves that Love Can Overcome Anger. . . When Princess Raven and her friends meet a lonely, little, blind alligator, they are upset to learn he is being bullied by his big, mean, angry cousin. Princess Raven is not happy with the mean cousin's behavior and is determined to teach him how to release his anger and replace it with kindness and love. 

The proceeds from these books go to raven & other kids fighting cancer. 

Raven's cancer treatment recently concluded! You can follow Raven's courageous fight and all she and her family are doing to raise awareness and support on her Facebook Page, Rally for Raven.