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Author, Teacher, Outdoor Enthusiast

Geri Bachman grew up on a farm northwest of Lindsborg, Kansas. That’s where her love for the great outdoors began. She spent countless hours pretending, being creative, and just enjoying playing in the dirt, grass, and trees. A physical education teacher for over two decades, she also advocates for kids and disciples and mentors incarcerated teens. Giving kids hope through acceptance and empowerment is her motto. Geri embraces family and enjoys golfing with her husband Joel.


Illustrator, Student

Isabel Dory grew up in Shawnee, Kansas and currently attends Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, majoring in biomedical illustration. She spends most of her free time creating art in one way or another, whether she’s creating charcoal drawings or crocheting bucket hats. If she’s not working on an art project, you’ll find her curled up with her dog Luna watching Netflix and drinking tea.

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"I'm going to be the best bug zapper in the world!"

On her sixth birthday, Rosie received quite a surprise. Her school had closed because of a "bug" - a virus had spread, not just in her town, but around the world. Rosie listened to her parent's advice and did her part to ZAP those bugs!

In this adorably illustrated book, children and parents can share in a loving, positive way, how to wash our hands and keep our fingers away from our "tunnels," our nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. 

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