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Author, Intuitive Consultant

For over 40 years, Jonee has used many tools to help people live their best lives - some of them in the material world, and others, from her highly developed psychic abilities. She has advised thousands of clients through out the world and has lectured and taught in the United States, Canada, and Europe.



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Joan was inspired to write a series of fiction books as a way to challenge negative beliefs. The purpose of The Ariana Series is to help people uncover their inner power and use that power to steer our world in a positive direction.​


For as long as she can remember, Ariana Abrams has felt the presence of loving spirits around her. Invisible to everyone else, she hears their thoughts and feels their love. They are her teachers, friends, and protectors who kept her alive during an abusive childhood. Deciding to put distance between herself and her violent family, Ariana moves to the desert of Arizona to attend college. Determined to heal the wounds of her childhood, she seeks help from a counselor at her new university. Taking her counselor’s advice, she joins a therapy group full of people her own age. There she discovers seven new friends who will give her the love and companionship she has never known. 

This is no ordinary group of teenagers. Each one of them has unlocked psychic abilities that are at first frightening. With the support of each other and spiritual teachers in this realm and others, they learn the importance of their power and the need to share their knowledge with the world. Their powers force them to truly see the world’s problems: fear, judgment, hate, violence. Their spiritual skills emanate from a source of absolute love. Yet powerful negative forces threaten to stop them. Their survival depends on developing their inner power and teaching others to do the same. In fact, the survival of the world may depend on it.


It’s hard enough relocating and starting a new life, but finding out you’re an alien tasked with saving the world is almost too much for Ariana. But with the help of her seven unique friends and the amazing abilities they are developing, she is convinced they might have a shot at it. What Ariana hadn’t imagined were the difficult roads they will each travel and how these experiences will affect the group. Together they have a chance, but if any one of them falters and gives into the Darkness, not only will they be destroyed, but possibly the entire planet.

From Tragedy Comes Their Greatest Lessons and Triumphs.Moving to Arizona to attend college proves to be the right decision for Ariana Abrams. Growing up, she faced an abusive childhood but survived, thanks to a loving grandmother in the physical realm, and the protection and guidance of her spirit guides on the Other Side. Forming deep friendships with seven other students, the group quickly realizes they have much in common; they are each becoming “activated.” They can communicate with the dead, they sense energy emanating from people and objects, and they feel a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Despite their new understandings, their metaphysical abilities are growing at rates that are at times alarming. Just as their abilities are increasing, tragedy befalls a beloved member of the group. Spiritual beliefs are questioned as the young friends wonder why God would allow such a terrible thing to happen. Yet through their shared tragedy, their knowledge of God deepens. A mentor with profound psychic abilities shares her knowledge and practices with the group, helping them to reach new levels of understanding and strength. In Fighting Darkness, the third and final book of The Ariana Series, the most challenging spiritual messages are explored. The conclusion to the series aims to help young adults, or anyone with an interest in metaphysics, to understand and develop psychic abilities, the ultimate goal being the protection of our precious planet. Deep answers to many of life’s most difficult questions are addressed in the final book of this uniquely special series.

This series has received strong reviews:

"Be the Light is accomplished, seductive, and magnetic. It flows effortlessly through the lives of several college students brought together through their one common trait – they are the outcasts, weirdos, sensitive souls that have an innate understanding that reality is more than most humans are willing to consider, and they all have special connections with the higher realities beyond their five senses. Each chapter builds upon the previous one, quickly moving us from one situation to another."     

"Masterfully written. The third book, like the previous two, effortlessly and clearly conveys metaphysical truths needing to be made known to a wide audience of humanity. This is especially true of young adults as they begin to respond to their inner innate knowings and are not fully aware where these thoughts are coming from and where to proceed with them. The young adults in the story are able to use their intuitive gifts along with newly acquired skills that allow them to surrender, accept, support, and love not only one another but others who are involved in the dramas of life that pop up along life's journey. Readers will be triggered and challenged, testing their own beliefs as compared to the awareness being offered by these young adults whose main message is about moving from FEAR to LOVE in all things."     



Compilation of the Arianna Series!

The convenience and reduced price of all 3 books in 1.

Plus, an updated epilogue from the author.

Ebook Cover You Were Born Psychic .jpg

Being Psychic is Not A Gift.

Much like all our other senses, it is a survival tool we are all born with. You can reawaken this ability and begin to see and control your life differently. Understanding basic metaphysical concepts and practicing the techniques and exercises in this workbook will increase your understanding of how to work with and hone your own psychic and intuitive abilities.

Topics include: Changing your life by changing your thinking, learning to visualize, learning to contact your guides, releasing fear and guilt, breaking away from judgment, healing childhood pain, working with energy: auras and chakras, and much more. 


Raising happy, healthy children is one of the most important things anyone can do.


Unfortunately, children don’t come with a how-to manual. There are, however, some unique tools we can use to get a better understanding of what makes our children tick. Through the ancient science of numerology, the Universe has given us a map. This book will help you discover your child’s basic tendencies, needs, and talents. It can also help you understand how to educate and discipline in ways that enhance these tendencies, helping to avoid bringing out the less desirable parts of your child’s innate personality.


Passion and Fairy Lore Come Together - Creating A Spellbinding Novel. . .

An accident on a snowy road in the Sierra Nevada Mountains wipes away the memories of a beautiful, mysterious woman. Guilt-stricken that he could cause such pain, even by accident, the man who drove the truck that struck the woman is determined to help. He quickly realizes there is something special about her. She feels his strength and kindness. And despite the fact she knows nothing of her past, or if the man truly is who he says he is, she feels herself unmistakably drawn to him. 

Her life is a mystery, yet her love is timeless. Can it continue once the awful truth is uncovered? Only the fairies know.


Magical Abilities are Revealed as Truths become Known. . .

Theresa thought she had the perfect life - a loving husband, a healthy, precocious daughter, a beautiful home in her beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains. And now, a new baby on the way. A boy. 

But from the start, her daughter eerily insisted the developing baby was "evil." This pregnancy was much different - Theresa felt exhausted, drained. And despite the passage of years since the accident that had taken her memory of life before her love affair with her husband, her thoughts became consumed with worry and fear about her past, and now, her baby's future. When Theresa is forced by a new friend to remember the truth of her past, she must confront all the hidden memories which will forever change the future of her family, and perhaps the world.

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