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Author, Nurse, Nutritionist, Farmer

A registered dietitian, nurse, and certified EMT, Josephine DeFalco divides her time  on a small, organic, urban farm in Scotsdale, Arizona and a newly acquired working farm in Wisconsin. At both locations, she and her husband have many vegetable gardens, dogs, and a collection of spoiled laying hens. Her Facebook page, Best Little Organic Farm, encourages everyone to relish the wonders of growing and preserving their own nutritious foods, taking responsibility for their health and well-being, and honoring our beautiful planet. 

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A gripping exploration of the enduring conflict between the past that defines us and the future that beckons us…


Growing up and figuring out who you are has never been easy. When Leandra’s mama yanks her off the family farm in Appalachia to fulfill her own big city dreams, Leandra learns that survival is best accomplished by pushing aside her country identity to fit into city life. Yet her Appalachian ways call to her heart, pulling her back to Mamaw, Papaw, the butterfly bush, and home.

While her rich, city boyfriend makes plans to start college, she struggles to find work while juggling family issues. As Mama turns to alcohol to ease her disappointment with her new husband, Leandra is left to look after her little brother burdened with trouble of his own. Soon she discovers she doesn’t belong in the city or the country and must see her journey to the end. But where that journey will lead remains both a mystery and a surprise, especially to Leandra.


“Josephine DeFalco gives us an unflinching, honest look at the struggles of the Appalachian people.”

Fannie Flagg,

Actress, comedian, and author of the book and Academy Award nominated screenplay

Fried Green Tomatoes

After the  sudden death of her husband, Brenna McEvoy finds herself a widowed mother of three young children, and despite her privileged upbringing, must somehow find a way to survive and make a living for her family. Brenna's only asset is her charming Victorian home which she transforms into a boarding house for local miners. Although Brenna is unskilled at managing a house full of men, she quickly rolls up her sleeves to embrace the challenge. But the struggle of day-to-day living forces her to open her eyes to the suffering and bigotry surrounding the working class.  When she falls in love with a working man and finds herself shunned by her family and friends, she must decide whether to follow the rules of society or her heart.

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In The Best Little Bread Book,  DeFalco takes the mystery out of creating a perfect loaf of homemade bread. With recipes developed in the author's kitchen, you'll discover how easy it is to make delicious bread, free of unhealthy, processed ingredients. Bread has been a staple of life for centuries. Baked in your own kitchen, these recipes will bring comfort and good nutrition into your home. ​  

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The Best Little Herb Book takes new gardeners down the path to growing, processing, and utilizing fresh organic herbs. Learn delicious uses for fresh basil. Create mint ice cream with your own mint. With recipes developed by DeFalco, and tested with great approval from family and friends in her home kitchen, these easy, step-by-step instructions are guaranteed to produce delicious meals with your home-grown herbs. 

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