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Paul Fredrickson

Author, Musician, Student

Paul Fredrickson is a carp in the catfish pond. He attends Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon, studying English,  and playing guitar in a jazz combo. Paul writes about the malaise of our world, one-eyed humans, and the cyclical hope that can cure the disease. His rock band, Left Without Eve, performs original music in many local venues ranging from grimey bars to benefit shows that support mental health awareness.

Formaldehyde is a collection of five short stories. Each piece represents the nausea of grief or insecurity, the isolating emotions that evolve from life’s turning points. Blending surrealism with the real, the extraordinary with the ordinary, these stories show how alienation can make someone feel dead in life. But they highlight the importance of preservation, that beauty sprouts from the broken things. All five stories portray the significance of life in the face of death.

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