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Author, Dog Trainer, Dairy Goat Farmer

Blind since the age of 15 months, Reyna Bradford homesteads her own hobby farm on the Flint Hills of Kansas. A life-long animal lover, she currently shares her home with nine dogs, multiple cats, and Angora rabbits. She raises registered Nubian dairy goats and has learned to do all kinds of things with the milk, including making cheese, soap, and yogurt. 

Reyna is passionate about training and showing her dogs in companion and performance events with the American Kennel Club. She is a proud Kansan who loves to share the beauty of her home state with her readers. 

To learn more about Reyna's inspiring life and to follow her blog, visit:

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For a sneak-peek into Reyna's life on her farm and with her dogs. 


20 Nuggets of Training Wisdom Your Dog Will Thank You For!

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an exciting, life-changing event. In this informative and easy-to-follow book, Reyna Bradford, a life-long dog lover who has trained multiple breeds in a variety of canine sports, shares 20 Things Every Owner Should Do to Raise a Dog Right. 

Reyna has raised puppies and adopted adult rescues. She lives with and trains her houseful of dogs with common sense and confidence, doing so without the benefit of eyesight. Her techniques reflect a special connection with dogs and offer unique insights to anyone who wants to start things off right with a new furry best friend. 

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In My Hands ...Stories Of The Land And Animals I Love, But Can't See

The Majesty of the Prairie, the Connections Between Humans & Animals, the True Joys in Life...

These themes are explored with perfect vision by Reyna who introduces us to her remarkable life hand-raising dairy goats, training and competing with her large band of beloved dogs, and sharing the lessons, heartaches, and triumphs experienced by an extraordinary woman who ignores any limitations of a world without sight. 

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STUDY GUIDE: A Special Project
by Flint Hills Publishing Author,
Emil Cicogna

A note from FHP President, Thea Rademacher: 

"After reading Reyna Bradford’s book In My Hands, Stories of the Land and Animals I Love but Can’t See, and then meeting her in person, Emil Cicogna was inspired to create this e-book study guide to accompany Reyna’s book.

I’m fortunate to work with both of these authors, two intelligent, hard-working people that in different ways, seek the same goal: sharing inspirational stories and information that will make the world a better place.

A useful teaching tool, the study guide goes through individual chapters and includes objectives, student research prompts, characterizations, themes, key vocabulary words, and critical thinking questions. Emil designed the Guide as a tool for parents and children to work through together, to check the website links for additional content, and to go over the vocabulary words in the context of Reyna’s book."

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