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Advocate, Speaker

Sandra Richmond, PhD, is aging adventurously through her 70s. A late bloomer, she did not fully embrace her active lifestyle until her mid-40s. And now, despite having arthritis, spinal stenosis, atrial fibrillation, and joint replacement surgeries in both hips and both knees, she has walked dozens of marathons, half marathons, 50, 15, 10, & 5Ks, supporting worthy causes and happily motivating others to join her in these walker-friendly events.     


In her late 40s, Sandra returned to the University of Arizona to earn a PhD in Management and Policy, and teaching college classes while she achieved her lifelong academic dream. After working in operations management at Quest, she pursued a second career in organization development at Walt Disney World and leadership development at Limited Brands.

An avid hiker, she has taken on the Grand Canyon over 30 times, the Inca Trail in Peru, the final 115km on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Sandra has spent countless hours volunteering at the St. Augustine Light Station encouraging guests to capture their bucket-list dreams of climbing their very first lighthouse. 

Sandra enjoyed a wonderful marriage of over 50 years with her partner, Arnie, who passed away in 2022. She is now forging a new life for herself in Jacksonville, Florida.


“In Milepost 75, Sandra Richmond describes a life full of purpose, friendship, and physical adventure that doesn’t involve chasing championships but rather the simple pleasures of experiencing the world in motion, even with four artificial joints and a late start in the world of endurance hikes and marathons. To finish in the middle of the pack, or even dragging up last, is to finish with honor. We can all learn from Sandra’s example.”

Tom Zoellner

Author of Rim to River: Looking Into the Heart of Arizona

“Sandra Richmond is an engaging writer who has led a wonderfully active and aggressive life in ‘old age’—something which I warmly endorse. If you're a serious hiker, this may be just the thing for you.”

Chris Crowley,

NYTs Best Selling Co-author of Younger Next Year

“Sandi Richmond’s inspirational book on her accomplishments and challenges of walking a multitude of varied trails in many countries, is filled with how she found joy, confidence, and friendships through perseverance, determination, and goals. She has a belief in herself and a passion for her sport that is equal to an elite athlete. She’s proof that anyone at any level can be an athlete and how important it is to stay active as we age. Sandi is a wonderful example of how to face challenges and overcome them. Her experiences and inner drive can be applied to any goal one wants to achieve.”

Sarah Fredrickson

Competitive runner in elite competitions including the Ironman 140.6 Boulder and the Boston Marathon


“Through generous vulnerability, wit, and wisdom, Sandra Richmond leads us to richer living, deeper intimacy, and enduring hope. More than a book, Milepost 75 is loving mentoring in living well.”

Joseph Grenny

NYTs best-selling co-author of Crucial Conversations and Crucial Influence


“Milepost 75 is part memoir, part travel guide, and part cheerleader. In it, Sandra Richmond talks about staying physically active as age overtakes us, but also about staying mentally and emotionally open to new experiences that age and wisdom provide. Sandra doesn’t tell us what to do, or how to do it, but quietly encourages us to ask, ‘Why not try it? It might be fun.’ This is a book about inspiration that inspires, about learning that teaches, about pushing through fear that morphs into quiet courage. It is at once a master class on aging and a celebration of a life fully lived.”

Melissa Bowersock

Award-winning author of multiple novels including Ghost Walk and Hopi Walk



“This self-professed ‘late bloomer,’ took up an active lifestyle of walking/hiking in her 40s. Her memoir teaches us to dream big and then bigger, joyfully declaring that aging and life's journey do not have to be complicated if we take it one day at a time. If we put one foot in front of the other. If we trust the strangers, the ‘angels’ we meet on life's trails. If we trust ourselves to follow our dreams!”

Sandra Kimberley Hall

15-year Himalayan trekker, award winning biographer/authority of Hawaii’s great Duke Paoa Kahanamoku.

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