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Author, Nurse, Father

Steven Turk is a nurse that specializes in the care of the physically and intellectually disabled. A father of three sons and husband to his beautiful, intelligent wife, he is a life-long resident of Topeka, Kansas.

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Bound by Blood

Book 1 in the Blood Begotten Series

All Nathan really wanted in life was to be with his beloved wife and raise a family.


But a violent attack strips him of his humanity and throws him into a supernatural world he hates.


Investigating many recent acts of seemingly unnatural attacks, Murray, a seasoned yet jaded detective finds himself and his partner, Cooper, fighting the very system they work for.


Bound by Blood is an urban horror tale where the world of magic and the nocturnal coexist with the mortal world in ways known only to a few. When Nathan fights against his unwillingly imposed supernatural powers, secrets are revealed with devastating consequences.

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