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Thea Rademacher, JD

Author, Speaker,  & Founder of FLINT HILLS PUBLISHING

"When Royce Fulmer, my writing partner for A Drop in the Night, the Life & Secret Mission of a WW II Airman, finished his life at 91, I found myself beginning a new journey as a writer and publisher. Royce inspired me in so many ways. Through learning about his life as a child and young man growing up impoverished in the Deep South, he helped me become a better mother to my four sons. He showed me through his adversity the strength of the human spirit. He taught me not to take myself so seriously, and that in the end, it's all about the experiences you've had and the way you've treated others that matters.

As Flint Hills Publishing has grown, I am thankful and pretty amazed by the wonderful new people coming into my life. It really is all about the journey and I'm glad that mine is full of family, a toy poodle, gardening, meditation, and opportunities for growth."


A Little Known

But Critical WW II Secret Mission

Based on extensive original research and interviews with World War II Liberator Flight Engineer, Royce Fulmer, A Drop in the Night chronicles Fulmer's involvement in Operation Carpetbagger, a secret mission designed to drop spies and supplies to help Resistance fighters deep inside Nazi-occupied territory.


Full of highly relevant legal information related to writing and publishing, and written by a publisher with a law degree and plenty of messy publishing stories to share, AUTHORS BEWARE! explains what authors should do to protect their work, themselves, and imparts important business and contract knowledge whether self-publishing, contracting for services, or the recipient of a traditional publishing agreement. Worth the read,  authors will better understand possible problems and can be armed with knowledge to avoid them. 

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