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Author, Educator

Whitney Estenson was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. She attended Washburn University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Education in 2009. That summer, she married her husband Josh in a seven minute ceremony on a Jamaican beach. When she returned, she began her career teaching English and journalism to middle school students. In 2012, she received a Master of Science in Educational Technology from Pittsburg State University. In 2013, Whitney and Josh welcomed their daughter. When she’s not teaching or writing, Whitney loves to swim and ride four wheelers with her husband and daughter.

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Kyndal Davenport has suffered terrible tragedy. As the sole survivor of a car crash that claimed her entire family, she must now live with an aunt she has never met in a small town she has never been to. When she receives the rare attention of the alluring but inscrutable Roman Sands, Kyndal must determine what his true intentions are. But the everyday pains of adjusting to her new life are put aside when Kyndal wakes from strange dreams, finding her sheets on fire and her skin unburned. Roman reveals that his interest in Kyndal goes far beyond a high school romance; an interest that may decide the fate of the entire world.


In the third book of the Ascendant Series, Kyndal, Roman, Grady, and Brynn—the new Guard—must forgive past grievances and learn to trust each other, understanding that only through their combined power can they save their people from assured destruction. Yet despite their new-found abilities, sacrifices will have to be made if they are going to defeat the greatest enemy the Kindred have ever faced.

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In this second book of the Ascendant SeriesKyndall will put her growing powers to the test in order to save the man bound to her by fate. In order to succeed, she must learn difficult truths about her own history, as well as the ancient and hidden secrets of the Kindred. Even as Kyndal's power grows, she discovers that it will take more than fire to defeat her shadowy foes as she embarks upon a journey that will take her far from the forests of Pennsylvania.


In the fourth and final book of the Ascendant Series, old enemies are forced to unite, new strengths are uncovered, and allegiances are tested as the Kindred fight for their lives and those of the innocents they are sworn to protect. As they head into war, the Kindred are forced to choose; obey the chain of command, or defy the very foundation of their traditions. A choice that could mean the ruin of everything they hold dear. 

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