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Yanfei Gao, illustrator, and author of ABCDinosaurs 1a 200px.jpg


Illustrator and Author

Yanfei Gao is a self-taught illustrator who takes joy in creating detail-rich illustrations to bring stories to life. Yanfei’s daughter inspired her first book. Like children all over the world, she loves dinosaurs.

ABCDinosaurs - written and illustrated byYanfei Gao 1a 440px.PNG

Dinosaurs lived long, long ago, before the first human lived on earth. Dinosaurs came in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They lived all over the world, ate different things, and had different life styles. But all dinosaurs have one thing in common—they are fun to learn about!

A fun book full of dinosaurs you can color! With 27 original, detailed illustrations, and 10 design-your-own background dinosaur pictures, this coloring book will give you a peek into the secret lives of dinosaurs. Unleash your imagination, no matter if you’re a kiddo or an adult.

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