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Meet Our Authors

Flint Hills Publishing works with a variety authors, representing a spectrum of genres, including novels, memoirs, children's books, self-help, poetry, short stories, cooking and more.

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Jacki Allenbrand, author

Jacki Allenbrand
Farmer, Advocate, Founder & President of USA

  • Author of:

    • Four-legged Farmhand: A P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA Tale

Author, Geri Bachman

Geri Bachman

Teacher, Outdoor Enthusiast

  • Author of:

    • Rosie The Bug Zapper

Richard M. Balaban, PhD, author of Poppa Sol and Me: A Family Alzheimer's Story.

Richard Balaban

Clinical Psychologist & Teacher

  • Author of

    • Poppa Sol and Me: A Family Alzheimer's Story

​Author, Reyna Bradford

Reyna Bradford

Dog Trainer, Dairy Goat Farmer

  • Author of:

    • In My Hands: Stories Of The Land And Animals I Love But Can't See

    • How to Train Your Best Friend: 20 Things Every Owner Should Do to Raise a Dog Right

Nancy Britt, author, Seven Days in the Mist 2a 100px.jpg

Nancy Britt​

Attorney, Equestrian Coach and Trainer, LGBTQ+ Advocate

  • Author of:

    • Seven Days in the Mists - A Memoir

Author, Marcia Cebulska

Marcia Cebulska

Playwright, Screenwriter, and Writer

  • Author of:

    • Now Let Me Fly

    • Skywriting - a journaling guide to help you soar! 

    • Watching Men Dance

    • Lovers, Dreamers, & Thieves - My people, Chicago, and the Polish bakery where I grew up

Cicogna, Emil, author 1a 100px.jpg

Emil Cicogna

Educator, Speaker

  • Author of A Sign of the Times trilogy and others

    • A Sign of the Times​, Book 1 in the A Sign of the Times Trilogy

    • A Sign of the Times Book 1 Study Guide

    • Rachel, Book 2 in the A Sign of the Times Trilogy

    • Rachel, Book 2 Study Guide

    • The Hammer and the Anvil, Book 3 in the A Sign of the Times Trilogy

    • The Hammer and the Anvil, Book 3 Study Guide

    • All 4 One

    • Going Long

DeFalco, Josephine, author 1a 100px.png

Josephine DeFalco

Nurse, Certified EMT, Nutritionist, Farmer

  • Author of:

    • The Nightbird’s Song

    • The Best Little Bread Book

    • The Best Little Herb Book

Donahue, Patrick, author 1a 100px.PNG

Patrick Donahue

Lawyer, Outdoorsman, Advocate, Veteran

  • Author of:

    • Trajectories

Estenson, Whitney, author 1a 100px.jpg

Whitney Estenson


  • Author of The Ascendent Series:

    • House of Aries

    • House of Taurus

    • House of Libra

    • House of Scorpio

Elizabeth Farnsworth

Documentary filmmaker & former chief correspondent of PBS News Hour

  • Author of:

    • Last Light

Fredrickson, Paul, author, 1a 100px.JPG

Paul Fredrickson

Writer, Editor, Musician

  • Author of:

    • Formaldehyde


Royce Fitts

Therapist, Dream Counselor, Podcaster, Author

  • Author of:

    • The Geography of the Soul - Dreams, Reality, & the Journey of a Lifetime

Yanfei Gao, illustrator, and author of ABCDinosaurs 1a 100px.jpg

Yanfei Gao


  • Author of:

    • ABCDinosaur

    • Roar!

Gibson, Bonnie J, children's author, Fox Hollow Series, 2a 100px.jpeg

Bonnie Gibson

Artist, Advocate

  • Author of The Fox Hollow Series:

    • Tales of Two Cubs

    • Tales of the Lake

    • Tales of Friendship

    • Tales of Kindness

    • Tales of Bravery

    • Tales of Thunder

Gonce, Garry, author, 1a 100px.PNG

Garry Gonce

Princess Raven's Papa

  • Author of the Princess Raven Series:

    • The Magic Bear

    • The Dragon that Couldn’t Fly

    • The Alligator that Couldn’t See

    • Princess Raven and the Journey's End

Heslop,Kristin, author 1a 100px.jpg

Kristin Heslop

Teacher, Musician, Activist

  • Author of:

    • Sex Isn’t the Only Way to Have an Orgasm

Kraus, Susan, author 1a 100px.jpg

Susan Kraus

Therapist, Mediator

  • Author of The Grace McDonald Series:

    • Fall From Grace

    • All God’s Children

    • Insufficient Evidence

    • When We Lost Touch

Krause, Molly, author 1a 100px.jpg

Molly Krause

Teacher, Speaker

  • Author of:

    • Float On

    • Joy Again

Sharon Leino, author of the kids book, Scaredy 1a 100px.JPG

Sharon Lenio

Educator & Special Education Curriculum Developer

  • Author of The Adventures in Lusair,

    • Scaredy, Part 1 of the Adventures in Lusair

    • Wandering Ears, Part 2 in the Adventures in Lusair

    • Tame that Flame, Part 3 in the Adventures in Lusair

Mallette, Colleen, author, 1a 100px.PNG

Colleen Mallette

Performer, Educator

  • Author of:

    • The Next Act: A Handbook for Graduating - From Arts or Life

Rod Martinez author 1a 100px.JPG

Rod Martinez

Writer, Speaker

  • Author of​:

    • Grandma Luther King

Matson, Mike, author 1a 100px.PNG

Mike Matson

Journalist, Columnist

  • Author of:

    • Courtesy Boy: A True Story of Addiction

Menon, Sumitra author, 1a 100px.png

Sumitra Menon

Science Writer, Editor

  • Author of:

    • The Last Days of Cassandra Lee

Murphy, Lynn, author 2a, 100px.jpg

Lynn Murphy

Consultant, Workshop Leader, Speaker

  • Author of:

    • Women Who Push the Limits Presents: 7 Keys to Improving Your Customer Service

    • Women Who Push the Limits Presents: 50 Life Lessons from Inspiring Women

Osborn, Traci, author 1a 100px.PNG

Traci Osborn


  • Author of:

    • Ten Not So Snoozing Monsters: A Bedtime Counting Adventure

    • Frog Goes. . . A Barnyard Prank

    • Frog Goes. . . A Barnyard Coloring Book

Pejakovich, Joyce, author, 1a 100px.PNG

Joyce Pejakovich

Retired Consumer Advocate

  • Author of:

    • Frances the Angel Dog

    • The Strawberry Festival

Pettet,Timothy. poet 1a 100px.PNG

Timothy Pettet

Poet, Artist

  • Author of:

    • Accidental Dancer

Rademacher, Thea, Flint Hills Publishing 1a 100px.JPG

Thea Rademacher, JD

Speaker, Founder of Flint Hills Publishing

  • Author of:

    • A Drop in the Night, the Life & Secret Mission of a WW II Airman

    • Authors Beware: Arm Yourself with Knowledge to Help Avoid Legal Pitfalls!

Richmond, Sandra author of My Milepost 75 1a 100px.jpeg

Sandra Richmond

Advocate, Speaker

  • Author of:

    • My Milepost 75

Bill Sampson


  • Author of

    • Wheat Fields

Joan L_edited.jpg

Joan L. Scibienski

Intuitive Consultant, Speaker

  • Author:

    • Be The Light, Book 1 in The Ariana Series

    • Becoming The Light, Book 2 in The Ariana Series

    • Fighting Darkness, Book 3 in The Ariana Series

    • You Were Born Psychic: Unlocking Your Abilities to Live Your Best Life

    • Raising Happy Children: Using Numerology to Become a Better Parent

    • A Faerie's Tale: Beyond the Realms of Light

    • A Faerie's Tale: Into the Realms of Darkness

Seidman, Kate - author 1a 100px_edited.jpg

Kate Seidman

Advocate, Artist, Speaker

  • Author of:

    • The Widow Roadmap - Finding My Way

Spence, Jennifer, author, 1a 100px.jpg

Jennifer Spence

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer

  • Author of:

    • Cosmic Lullaby: A Soothing Nighttime Story & Yoga Practice for All

Photo of author Clyde W. Toland

Clyde W. Toland

Lawyer, Historian

  • Author of:

    • American Hero, Kansas Heritage Frederick Funston’s Early Years 1865-1890

    • Heat and Ice, Frederick Funston's Exploration of Death Valley, Alaska, and the British Northwest Territory 1891-1894

    • "Yankee Hero," Frederck Funson, 'Expedicionario' in the Cuban Liberation Army 1896-1897

Turk, Steven author, 1a 100px.PNG

Steven Turk


  • Author of: 

    • Bound by Blood

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