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Nancy Britt

Attorney, Equestrian Coach and Trainer, LGBTQ+ Advocate

A former trial attorney and legal editor, Nancy Britt now concentrates on telling stories that explore the human experience and our search for meaning. Nancy grew up in the mountains and deserts of the Southwestern United States as the daughter of an exploration geologist.


For as long as she can remember, her parents taught her to be proud of her Irish heritage and instilled a love for adventure, which she never lost. Retired from the law, today she is the proud owner of a successful training and coaching equestrian business in Tucson, Arizona. Seven Days in the Mists is her first book. 

Seven Days in the Mists by author Nancy M. Britt bookcover 200px.png

A deeply moving memoir, Seven Days in the Mist tells the story of loneliness and connection, of love and loss, and above all else, of the opportunity for rebirth.

Have you ever loved too hard, lost too much, or wondered how to piece it all back together? 


Be inspired by the deeply personal journey of author Nancy Britt, a 50-something year-old lesbian, who found herself alone, in an emotional and spiritual crisis, after a series of failed relationships left her questioning everything she thought she knew about herself. Desperate to escape anxiety and depression, Nancy traveled alone to her ancestral homeland of Ireland.


Knowing that something in her life needed to change, Nancy set out into the heart of Ireland, not knowing where she was going or where she would end up each day. From the hustle and bustle of Dublin, through the rural countryside, along the majestic sea cliffs, and eventually to the country’s ancient burial grounds, Nancy soon discovered that she was not alone. Instead, an inexplicable force pushed and pulled at her, often against her will, toward the healing and insights she so desperately sought.

Would the Island, through its people and time-honored mysticism, help Nancy confront her demons and find the transformation she needed to begin life anew? By the time she left Ireland, would Nancy be a new woman, unencumbered by the traumas and conundrums of her past?

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