"In just a few short months, Thea Rademacher at Flint Hills Publishing took my book from being a file on my computer to something I can share with others on multiple platforms: online, physical copies, Kindle, Amazon.I feel like I went from nowhere to somewhere special very quickly, and I was involved every step of the way."

Joan L. Scibienski, author, The Ariana Series, You Were Born Psychic, Raising Happy Children

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"Flint Hills publishing helped me with my books, The Arianna Series. I literally knew nothing about the mechanism of publishing, but Ms. Rademacher not only walked me through the process, but did much of it herself. The books would still probably be sitting on my computer  if it were not for her guidance and dedication to seeing this mighty effort accomplished. Because of how involved and wonderful Thea has been to seeing this through to a successful completion, I dedicated my first book to her."

Emil Cigcogna, author,

 A Sign of the Times, All 4 One

is to provide you with the assistance you need to put your writing into the world. Technology greatly expands publishing opportunities while also making it easier for authors to be taken advantage of.  Flint Hills Publishing is committed to empowering writers with the knowledge, technical skill, and marketing savvy needed for success.


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