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Flint Hills Publishing is dedicated to the creation of inspiring, educational, and thoughtful books. Our catalog is eclectic: socially-conscious fiction, memoir, historical non-fiction, spiritual and personal growth, young adult, cookbooks, and children's books.

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New Releases

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Now Let Me Fly, by Marcia Cebulska, book cover

Featured Books

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Coming Soon!

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Like What You Do: The Memoirs of Dr. Walt Menninger


Dr. Walter Menninger

August, 2024

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Letters from the Ungrateful Dead

A grieving Mother's Surprising Correspondence from Her Deceased Adult Daughter



Deborah Shouse

Fall 2024

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Poppa Sol and Me:

A Family Alzheimer's Story 


Richard M. Balaban, PhD

Fall 2024

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New Eyes: A Surgeon Mines His Past



Dr. Craig Yorke

Spring 2025

Flint Hills Publishing

Since its inception in 2015, Flint Hills Publishing has been dedicated to creating books with messages that uplift, educate, inspire, and entertain.

FHP President Thea Rademacher puts her law degree to use, advising authors on a variety of topics:

  • Review of publishing contracts.

  • The best ways to protect your intellectual property.

  • How to distribute to the widest possible audience.

  • Business & tax issues for authors.

  • Estate planning issues for authors. 

  • "Insider information" about royalty arrangements.

  • AI legal developments regarding publishing.

  • Avoid publishing "scams."

We'll keep you informed about upcoming events, author, & writing information.

Meet Our Authors

We'll keep you informed about upcoming events, author, & writing information.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Upcoming Events & News!

KPR Presents: Elizabeth Farnsworth, Last Light

KPR's Laura Lorson interviews Elizabeth Farnsworth about her newly released novel, Last Light, a story about a young reporter from Kansas and her experience serving as a translator at a POW hospital. Enjoy, as Elizabeth shares her writing process, inspiration, and influences that shaped the novel.

Elizabeth Farnsworth & her Last Light book cover.

Writing Heights Writers Conference

"Beyond Craft"  July 19-20

FHP President Thea Rademacher will once again present at this content and connection-rich author's conference in beautiful Fort Collins, CO. You can attend in person or virtually. For more information: 

2024 Beyond Craft Writing Heights poster.


Sept. 22, 2024 BOOK LAUNCH

Join Dr. Walter Menninger for a celebration of his book:

Like What You Do: The Memoirs of Dr. Walt Menninger

Dr. Walter Menninger.jpg

 Sunflower Nonprofit Center,  5820 SW 6th, Topeka, Kansas - the former grounds of the Menninger Hospital

More information to come...

2024 Kansas Book Festival

Sept. 28, 2024 - hosted by

Washburn University, Topeka, KS

FHP team members presenting: Elizabeth Farnsworth, Todd Fertig, Dr. Walt Menninger, and Thea Rademacher

Kansas Book Festival Logo.

Make plans to attend this FREE event that showcases an "amazing lineup of 50 authors, including NYTimes Bestsellers and winners of national book awards." See outdoor performances, a book-art exhibit, food trucks, and exhibitors with 35 publishers, nonprofits, and authors -including Flint Hills Publishing!

Clyde Toland Awarded Spur Award by 

Western Writers of America AND is a SILVER Finalist for the Will Rogers Medallion Award!

Western Writers of American Spur Award logo
American Hero Spur Award logo Clyde Toland.jpg
Author, Clyde Toland

Toland has been recognized by the Western Writers of America for the Best First Nonfiction Book of 2022. Mr. Toland is the author of American Hero, Kansas Heritage: Frederick Funston's Early Years, 1865-1890. Since 1953, the Spur Award is given annually by the WWA to honor "writers for distinguished writing about the American West," and is "considered one of the most prestigious awards in American literature." 

Toland is also a SILVER MEDALLION award winner for the Will Rogers Medallion Award in the  Western Biographies/Memoirs category. Named in honor of American humorist, social commentator and performer Will Rogers (1879–1935), the WRMA gold, silver, bronze and copper medallions were presented during the 2023 awards banquet Saturday, Oct. 21 in the Fort Worth Stockyards. 

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