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Flint Hills Publishing is dedicated to the creation of inspiring, educational, and thoughtful books. Our catalog is eclectic: socially-conscious fiction, memoir, historical non-fiction, spiritual and personal growth, young adult, cookbooks, and children's books.

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New Releases

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Featured Books

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Coming Soon!

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Flint Hills Publishing

Since its inception in 2015, Flint Hills Publishing has been dedicated to creating books with messages that uplift, educate, inspire, and entertain.

FHP President Thea Rademacher puts her law degree to use, advising authors on a variety of topics:

  • Review of publishing contracts.

  • The best ways to protect your intellectual property.

  • How to distribute to the widest possible audience.

  • Business & tax issues for authors.

  • Estate planning issues for authors. 

  • "Insider information" about royalty arrangements.

We'll keep you informed about upcoming events, author, & writing information.

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In The News

South Dakota Festival of Books

Sept. 22-24 2023 Deadwood, South Dakota

FHP Author Marcia Cebulska & FHP President Thea Rademacher

will be presenting. 

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Clyde Toland wins 2022 Spur Award.jpg

Clyde Toland Awarded Spur Award by the

Western Writers of America

Toland has been recognized by the Western Writers of America for the Best First Nonfiction Book of 2022. Mr. Toland is the author of American Hero, Kansas Heritage: Frederick Funston's Early Years, 1865-1890. Since 1953, the Spur Award is given annually by the WWA to honor "writers for distinguished writing about the American West," and is "considered one of the most prestigious awards in American literature." 

Topeka Magazine cover featuring Flint Hill Publishing president, Thea Rademacher.jpg

FHP Feature Article: Topeka Magazine Winter 2021-22

Learn what inspired FHP President Thea Rademacher to start her publishing company. And check out the travel article by FHP author Susan Kraus!

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